Some supernova and astronomy related sites:



Astronomy Magazine

Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston

Astronomical Research Institute

Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford

Astronomical Society of Northern New England

David Bishop's Latest Supernovae

Software Bisque

Tom Boles' Home Page

Brazilian Supernovae Search

Burke's Observatory

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

CFA Supernova Web Page

CROSS Supernovae Search

Downeast Observatory

Goddard Space Flight Center

Half Moon Stream Observatory

Lick Observatory Supernova Search

List of Recent Supernovae

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

Nearby Supernova Factory

Night Sky Network

Optical Spectra of Supernovae

Palomar Transient Factory

Personal Pages of Astronomers

Tim Puckett's Supernovae Search

Rochester's Astronomy Club

The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

SBIG Astronomical Instruments

Simbad Astronomical Database

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Southern Maine Astronomers

Stu Parker's website (New Zealand Supernova Hunter)

Michael Schwartz's Tenagra Observatory

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